Wednesday, September 21, 2005

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The hearing before the Alberta Human Rights Commission will likely be in October.

Here is the latest news article, from LifeSite News.


Blogger Dave Anderson said...

So, Stan - what's the latest news on this case?

How can we get involved?

When is this poor Pastor being dragged before the Commission?

12:44 PM  
Blogger Gurgeh said...

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9:42 AM  
Blogger kdelaet said...

You should be ashamed of yourself. Calling yourself a Christain. Aren't we all Gods children. You people are so hypocritical it sickens me. How can you compare Gays to pediphiles and call yourself an intellegent person.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Duluth Guy said...

The homosexual portion of our society, along with other perversiona nd sins explained in the Bible, is growing because they cannot see the light of God. The turn from the truth of god, exhange it for a lie, and love the creation more than the creator....anything goes in the debased human mind. Only a move of the Holy Spirit from God above can bring about sinners repentance (a fance word for turning from sin and/or changing one's mind about an issue).

SINNERS WILL REAP WHAT THEY SOW. It is an inescapable truth. These perverted individuals have circumvented their lusts for their own gender, and seek ALL ages of lovers - that includes your children and grand children. Don't be afraid, get mad and stand up for your rights to proclaim freedom from their sexual pressures. It's not too late.
It's never too late.

Did you ever give any thought to the homosexual tendencies in the Catholic church that were brought to light recently, priests molesting children, both boys and girls? I can hear the devil laughing. But where sin abounds, God's grace all the more abounds.

Christians, get on your knees and pray for forgiveness and healing !!! Then, get off your knees and open your mouths to speak the truth in love, tell everyone about the Gospel, the love of Jesus show through Jesus work on the cross of calvary that made the ONLY way into heaven for those who believe; that the Bible is God's love letter to mankind, that all flesh must be born again from above to see heaven and to be saved !!

Saturate your minds with the love and truths of Jesus, and be transformed by the renewing ofr your mind in Christ Jesus. Speak the truth in love. Pray. Pray. Pray the Lord's prayer. You have a direct access to the throne of God; ask Him to bring about His will for ALL flesh - that all would turn to Him in obedience to His Son, Jesus, and love as He loved.

Stephen Boissoin, you are a brave man...I hope and pray when my testimony time comes I have the faith and courage to represent the truth as you have done. May the peace of God and joy that comes for standing for righteousness be overflowing in your heart and mind, and life.

11:01 PM  
Blogger TonyGuitar said...

Sounds fair and reasonable to me.

Boissoin has misgivings about what seems perverse, out of whack and dangerous to children.

I had someone direct me to a web site where a video of what looked like a naked 13 year old seemed to be drowning in an underwater sex act.

Who knows where the website is located, but clearly the authorities seem not to have the funding and the staff to penalize web posted crimes against children.

I am aware of a Toronto based team, with help from Bill Gates of Micro-soft doing all they can to fight child porn.

The general public mood has to be energized to better combat this awful industry.

The MSM is no help. Always looking the other way?

A commenter says,
** How can you compare Gays to pediphiles and call yourself an intellegent person. **

I say, . . How can you assure us that a majority of gays have no lurid interest in children.? **

Pastor Boissoin is expressing misgivings about a growing force in our society.

There seems to be evidence that his and my concerns have some merit.

Is it against the law to have and express an opinion in Canada now? = TG

12:06 PM  
Blogger Darin said...

Rev. Boissoin thank you for your fight against this perversion. Of course these people may choose to do what ever they want on their own time however when they use the public to promote their sexual desires and expose young children to this filth then we must stand up for our values. Why do they think that their values are more important then ours? That is their choice to make and we made our choice. Where is our justice? For some reason us Christians are not allowed to have our values.

Here is what every Christ loving person should do for you Rev. For your strength I will fast for you. I will pick a day and not eat and ask God to accept my suffering and to give you His Wisdom to continue your battle against our injustice.

Yours in Christ Darin LaCoursiere

6:07 AM  
Blogger Overcast said...

Das Volk tobte und schrie:"Kreuzige Ihn,
kruezige Ihn!"

9:15 PM  
Blogger FEF said...

Stephen Boissoin,

Please go to for information on how to respond to homosexual activists.

There are two articles at the top, one on the evidence, the other on strategy (available in html, or pdf). Copy them (pdf is easiest)and pass them out like popcorn. Please let me know whether you find them helpful. (

We are in a very winnable battle IF we will force a discussion on homosexual behavior, which is the only real issue. That is what homosexual advocates want the public to approve. They are hardly interested at all in marriage, compassion, inclusiveness, etc., which are rabbit trails down which they lead us to get us off the "behavior" track.

We must not let our prudery, ignorance, or timidity stop us from forcing that discussion. It can (and must) be done gracefully and truthfully (see articles). No compromise of love and no compromise of truth.

Any way of life centering on "feeling good" and "subjective truth" rather than "relating well" and "objective truth" will become totalitarian because it has lost truth as a way of deciding between contestants. That is what we see with the homosexual (really PANsexual) agenda.

Homosexual advocacy will not survive if they know that every time they get up to advocate, they will have to defend their behaviors specifically and in detail, along with the medical and health consequences. The public will catch on that they have been systematically lied to. And that will spell the end.

Blessings, Earle

11:39 AM  
Blogger GJW said...

Reading his letter, I can't help but compare Stephen Boissoin to Osama Bin Laden. It would be great if he could harness all that wasted hateful passion and put it into something God would really appreciate, like say protecting creation, and putting an end to hunger. Just think of all the good he could do, if he wasn't wallowing in hate and fear.

10:21 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...


In the battle against the wicked to protect our children and our future, you have my full support!

7:41 AM  
Blogger Frank Rose said...

Stephen is right about homosexuality being wrong, but wrong when he says that we will defeat this cause. Sin has been reigning in this world since the time Adam and Eve chose to disobey their loving God. The defeat of sin happened at the cross of Jesus. As Christians we are called to live out the victory of the cross not in triumphant public battles of morality, but under the cross of scorn and ridicule from the world. The cross of Jesus will forever be foolishness to those who are perishing, why should we expect morality from the unconverted world around us? The job of the church is to preach the gospel. The job of the state is to govern people using the light of fallen human reason. At times that fallen human reason will make judgments we don't agree with. Our job is to submit, if necessary disobey, and live with the ridicule and suffering that comes with it. First the cross, then the glory.

9:30 AM  

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